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Project Completed

During the early 2012, UCKG Commissioned the development of an assembly hall at Coromandel.


The design of the structure is inspired from the church in Rio de Janeiro with the half-moon shape plan assembly hall. The proposed development caters for a seating capacity of 2520 persons for the main hall, 2 multi function rooms 2 with a seating capacity of 50 and 210 persons respectively, 4 classrooms that can accommodate 20 people, a library for 20 seated people, an administrative section on the first floor, 2 apartments with 2 and 3 bedrooms respectively and a dormitory.


Facts + Figures

Total Site Area: 18 217 sqm

Ground Floor Built Area: 4361.30 sqm

First Floor Built Area: 4096.15 sqm

Plot Coverage: 24%

No. of parking: 360

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