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Nex tower

Completed in 2018

Nex Tower project stands at the central main intersection of a master plan within the Ebene Cyber City. This Office development is located on lot 66 of extent 5995.0 sqm. The Nex Tower is developed on a plot of land adjacent to Ebene Commercial Centre and at the back of Cyber Tower No.2. The total gross floor area of the development is 24 733 sqm or about 266 127 sq feet and occupies one semi-basement level and floor levels. 313 parking spaces will be provided within the development out of which 164 parking spaces will be located within the semi-open basement and 149 parking spaces at ground floor. The outdoor parking will be designed within a landscape area to provide a shady and green atmosphere.

Anchoring the overall development, this project engages the natural forces of the site and celebrate their potential. The main facade, towards the main entrance faces the Ebene Commercial Centre and stands as a sleek, minimalist design and contemporary facade. The unique characteristic of the site have prompted the architect to utilize a combination of flat and curved curtain walls. The dynamic curved surfaces extend on the side of the building thus presenting a harmonious static and dynamic equilibrium.

Facts + Figures
Land Surface Area: 5995sqm
Gross Development Area: 24800sqm
Car Park: 317

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