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Kings Gate

Project Proposal

While the development of sustainable technology is well established in Europe and North America, with a strong infrastructure support system, no such collective effort has been initiated locally. Our approach to the Kingsgate Project is a study on how sustainability can be achieved while taking into account social, economic and environmental factors. The approach was about increasing productivity using less energy altogether having less negative impact on a growing economic stand.


The use of passive energy was applied on various sections of the building: double layered façade was used to allow natural ventilation and natural day light penetration inside the building. On the western façade, green trellis are being used as sunshade against the western sun. A detailed study on wind direction and shadows helped in identifying the ideal way to maintain cool temperatures naturally.

Garden areas have been created at ground level to provide spaces to relax for the occupants and make the work surroundings echo the very basis of the construction project.

Facts + Figures
Land Surface Area: 3920 sqm
Gross Development Area: 5077 sqm
No. of Floors: 6

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