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Jardin de la compagnie

Project Completed

The Company’s Garden or Jardin de la Compagnie is part of the site occupied by the first French settlers who came from Bourbon (Reunion Island) in 1721 and were led by Major Julien Le Toullec du Rouguet.


Towards the end of the French rule, the place was converted first into a fair ground and then into a market. The construction of the Central Market made possible the transformation of the Company’s Garden into a public park.


The garden was previously refurbished in 1866. Over years, the garden was not properly maintained and the Banyan Trees have invaded various area within the garden. These shady areas and roots of the Banyan Trees have killed various species.


Main objectives for this renovation works were to:

 -To cut down to size the Banyan trees to allow more daylight in the garden area.

 -To upgrade all urban furniture and physical element.

 - To review all pedestrian access within the garden.

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