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J&J auditorium

Completed in 2010

Situated at Phoenix, the J&J Auditorium comprises of a 2500 seater auditorium, a youth hall and a restaurant/bookstore and the works started in 2010 and completed in 2011. The Auditorium has a 2000 seating capacity at the ground floor and a 500 seating capacity at the balcony level.


The entrance hall is an impressive glazed triple height fully glazed space that overlooks a reflective pond and a private courtyard. The restaurant and youth hall also overwork the courtyard.


Since its opening, the Auditorium has been a huge success and has been the venue for musical concerts, theatre, international conferences and prize giving ceremonies.


Facts + Figures

Facilities: 2500 seats capacity, youth hall, and bookstore.

Gross Development Area: 4625 QM

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