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Completed in 2012

DTOS is involved in the offshore financial sector and therefore staffs need to be able to access their offices and arrange their working hours to suit their clients, many of whom may be on the other side of the world.

Flexible space is essential for the office design, particularly as technology evolves and the company increasingly conduct their business across several time zones.

The design of DTOS office space spans over two floors in the Raffles Tower located in the Cybercity in Ebène. Each floor has an area of 1770 sqm, integrating close offices, open plan working area, meeting rooms, a club/canteen area amongst other facilities.

The design approach was to design comfortable, warm and welcoming workspace, to encourage communication and co-operation. This is reflected in the entrance lobby with the use of timber creating a sense of direction and hospitability. In keeping with this philosophy, the hub is designed to provide transparency: staff can see through to other area if the office, so there is no sense of being cut off from the rest of the team.

Facts + Figures
No. of Floors: 2
Gross Development Area: 1770 sqm per floor

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