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Arup sigma

Completed in 2013

This interior design project was to accommodate the new offices, meeting room and canteen for Arup Sigma’s staff at the Bagatelle office Park.

The concept was primarily a representation of the engineer’s world from the use of raw materials, suspended items and an overall raw effect as commissioned by the client. Another important aspect of the project was to incorporate varying moods as the user advances through the different parts of the office, from the reception to the open plan office space, which is itself divided subtlety by timber screens.

The intention was to communicate a feel that is true to the company’s image.

The entrance is made out of untreated concrete to give the rough feel and aesthetics of the work environment of the engineer.

The work spaces are separated using old reused timber trusses

Ceiling services were left exposed with suspended metal false ceiling.

Facts + Figures
Gross Development Area: 1500 sqm

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