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Completed in 2010

Located on the north west coast of Mauritius, in Baie aux Tortues, Angsana Balaclava is the island’s premier boutique hotel, designed as an ecologically sustainable development.

The design is influenced from the blend of local architecture and modern design combining the delights of traditional colonial architecture with modern dynamic treatment of space and form.

The beach villas are placed along the periphery of the shore line, with each villa’s location determined by the sea view, along with their private pools and massage parlor. Most public areas are designed to embrace natural ventilation keeping a balance between formal and natural, open and seamless. The wandering sandy paths that link the villa blocks and amenities weave around natural sand mounds and beach creepers, blending in the nature with the man-made.

Facts + Figures
Land Surface Area 18,990 sqm
Gross Development Area 11,670 sqm

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