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Aapravasi Ghat

Completed in 2013

The site was originally used as a dry dock for the repairs of ships and the location of the museum’s main building being on a historical environment had to be preserved. Archeological excavations were carried out during the construction of the museum and our approach was to integrate these elements within the display and design of the BRIC Museum.

The entrance leading to the interior of the museum is marked with rough footprint scaled in precast concrete floor to translate the effort made by the indentured labourers to develop the island with the entrance ramp replicating the feeling of disembarking from the ship, when they first arrived.

The exhibition spaces with the museum have been kept in a dimmed atmosphere with strong presentation elements in contrast with the entrance lobby which is flooded with natural day light.

Facts + Figures
Land Surface Area: 3200 sqm
Gross Development Area: 974 sqm

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